carson cooman

Solo Cello and Piano Works

Enchanted Gardens (Op. 306) (2001) (9 min)
for Stephen and Lisa Truelove
Cello and Piano
  I. Twisted Statues
  II. Hills and Rounds
  III. Star Scroll, Broken
  IV. Growing Music
Commissioned for Stephen and Lisa Truelove by J. Harris Parker, III
Published by Lauren Keiser Music Publishing (Catalogue #X531018)

Paradoxes: Sonata for Cello and Piano (Op. 92) (1998) (12.5 min)
for Larry Kludge
Cello and Piano
  I. Paradox of Stillness
  II. Paradox of Brevity
  III. Paradox of Movement
Commissioned by Larry Kludge
Published by Musik Fabrik

Two Dawn Hymns (Op. 783) (2008) (9.5 min)
for Aaron Kaplan
Cello and Piano
  I. Spiritual
  II. Saltarello
Commissioned by Colby Cooman
Published by Musik Fabrik