carson cooman

Unaccompanied Flute Works

Ancient Airs (Op. 590) (2004) (9.5 min)
for Sandra Ragusa
  I. Beyond the Mountains
  II. Forgotten Incantation
Published by Musik Fabrik

Beach Grass Elegy (Op. 829) (2009) (4 min)
(after “Path to Sesachacha”, painting by Loretta Yoder)
for New Music Hartford and Ashley Addington
Commissioned by New Music Hartford
Published by Musik Fabrik

Distant Glittering Orbs (Op. 501) (2003) (5.5 min)
for Laurel Ann Maurer
Alto Flute
Commissioned by Frederick Butler
Published by Musik Fabrik

Partita (Op. 526) (2003) (6 min)
for Dolores Zdancewicz
Baroque Flute
  I. Cantus
  II. Ludus
Commissioned by Dolores Zdancewicz
Published by Musik Fabrik
Recorded on Cooman: Symphonies Nos. 2 & 3 (CD Recording; Naxos Records; Catalogue #8.559329)

A Piccolo Celebration (Op. 458) (2002) (4 min)
for Dolores Zdancewicz and her new piccolo
Published by Lauren Keiser Music Publishing (Catalogue #X116001)

Quicksilver: A Birthday Card for Berio (Op. 225) (2000) (2.75 min)
for Luciano Berio on his 75th birthday
Published by Musik Fabrik

Sonata in memoriam Daniel Pinkham (Op. 705) (2007) (13.25 min)
for Fenwick Smith
  I. Caprice
  II. Folk Arabesques
  III. March
  IV. Aria and Interludes
  V. Hootenanny at the Gates of Heaven
Commissioned by Arcadia Capital
Published by Musik Fabrik

Trois Mélodies Modales (Op. 632) (2005) (5.75 min)
in memoriam Antoine Tisné
Flute (young performers)
  I. (Andante movendo)
  II. (Grave molto)
  III. (Poco vivace)
Published by Musik Fabrik