carson cooman

Solo Flute (and Recorder) and Piano Works

Dentistry Music (Op. 85) (1998) (3.75 min)
for Robert B. Lockemeyer, D.D.S. and his office staff
Flute and Piano
  I. Teeth Pulling Waltz
  II. Toothbrush Nocturne
  III. Dental Floss Tarantella
Commissioned for the 25th anniversary of the St. Petersburg Society of Dentists
Published by Conners Publications (Catalogue #277)

Sonata for Flute and Piano (Op. 651) (2005) (12.5 min)
for Brook Ferguson and in memory of Meyer Kupferman
Flute and Piano
  I. Chanson
  II. Fantasy Variations
Commissioned for Brook Ferguson
Published by Musik Fabrik