carson cooman

Mixed Trio Works (including piano)

Frequent Flyer (Op. 625) (2005) (5.5 min)
for Fireworks
Alto Saxophone, Marimba, Piano
Commissioned for Fireworks and the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium
Published by Musik Fabrik

Pooh's Serenade (Op. 388) (2002) (5 min)
for Lembit Beecher
Bassoon, Cello, Piano
  I. Cloud Song
  II. Bear Song
Commissioned by hrCME for Arts First
Published by Musik Fabrik

Quintuple Memory Wheels (Op. 157) (1999) (2 min)
for Richard Swift
Two Trumpets (young performers) and Piano
Published by Wehr's Music House (Catalogue #WM274)

Shadowbook (Three Songs in the Night) (Op. 999) (15 min)
for Kevin and Susan Wass
Clarinet, Tuba, Piano
  I. The Bearer of Bad News
  II. A Desperate Peace
  III. Towards Morning
Commissioned by Kevin and Susan Wass
Published by Musik Fabrik

Too Upset for Words (Op. 530) (2003) (5 min)
for Aris Carastathis and the Lakehead University New Music Ensemble
Alto Saxophone, Guitar, Piano
Clarinet, Guitar, Piano
  I. Rages
  II. Reflections
Commissioned by the Lakehead University New Music Ensemble
Published by Musik Fabrik