carson cooman

Nantucket Dreaming

(Loretta Yoder: Light Years Ahead; 2008; oil on linen, 18" x 24")

In 2002, Carson Cooman began a series of musical compositions deeply connected to the landscape of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. Although each piece is an individual work, certain attributes are shared among them, and when completed, the entire cycle could be performed as an evening-length work.

Works completed at the present time are:

Coatue Dreaming (2002) for trumpet

Polpis Dreaming (2002) for contrabass saxophone or contrabassoon and piano

Sankaty Dreaming (String Quartet No. 4) (2002)

Cisco Dreaming (2004) for cello

Dionis Dreaming (2004) for two guitars

Madaket Dreaming (2008) for piano

Miacomet Dreaming (2008) for orchestra

Nobadeer Dreaming (2008) for flugelhorn

Coskata Dreaming (2008) for bass trombone and piano

Shawkemo Dreaming (2009) for string orchestra

Quidnet Shadows (2009) for flugelhorn and harp

Morning at Brant Point (2012) for viola and cello

Quidnet Morning Loop (2013) for any combination of instruments