carson cooman

Occasional Works

These works were written primarily as small gifts for friends and colleagues. Some were commissions for very specific occasions. These works remain unpublished. Scores for a few of these works are provided below as PDF files.

Other occasional works (usually of more extended character), with more general performance viability, are listed in their appropriate catalogue pages by instrumentation.


Christmas Card Pieces

A Christmas Greeting (Op. 314) (2000) (0.5 min)
Published in collection Of Postcards and Sunrises (Parsonage/Subito)

Christmas Bells (Op. 315) (2001) (0.5 min)
Published in collection Of Postcards and Sunrises (Parsonage/Subito)

Christmas Vespers (Op. 475) (2002) (1 min)

Christmas Sunrise (Op. 535) (2003) (0.5 min)

Christmas Chorale (Op. 596) (2004) (1.5 min)

Christmas Rondel (Op. 668) (2005) (0.5 min)

Christmas Canticle (Op. 696) (2006) (1 min)

Christmas Carillon (Op. 742) (2007) (0.5 min)

Christmas Cortège (Op. 801) (2008) (1.5 min)


Other Pieces

Ancient Juniper (Op. 551) (2004) (1.5 min)
for Hilary and David

Bell Mosaic (Op. 505) (2003) (2 min)
for Peter and Marina, with heartiest congratulations, October 8, 2003
(incorporated into Horn Trio (2004), see listing in Horn Trio Works)

Bells Beyond the Stars (Op. 681) (2006) (0.75 min)
for the New York Miniaturist Ensemble
Flute and Violin

A Birthday Canon for Kevin (Op. 841) (2009) (1.5 min)
for Kevin Leong on his 40th birthday
3-part Canon
(Available from Larry Polansky's Little Book of Rounds from Frog Peak Music)

Bright November Day (Op. 593) (2004) (1.5 min)
for Alan on his birthday, November 19, 2004
(incorporated into Winter Sonatina (2007), see listing in Piano Works)

Call to Worship: Paean (Op. 358) (2002) (0.75 min)
for Colby Cooman and Bruce Klanderman for the installation of Dr. Russell Palsrok, January 27, 2002, Rochester Christian Reformed Church
Trumpet and Organ

Cortege (Op. 319) (2001) (1.75 min)
for Kiri and Brian
Violin and Trombone

Chant of Healing Love (Op. 795) (2008) (1.5 min)
for Patty and Peter
Chant (voices)

Dawn Song (Op. 312) (2001) (1.75 min)
for Bill and Mason
Piano Duet (one piano, four hands)

For Nathan and Megan (Op. 690) (2006) (0.5 min)
for Nathan and Megan on their marriage, November 4, 2006
Trumpet and Cello

A Halloween Waltz (Op. 220) (2000) (1 min)
for Janice on her 55th birthday, October 31, 2006
Violin and Piano

Harbor Light (Op. 569) (2004) (2 min)
for Elliott and Deedee (in convalescence)
(incorporated into Horn Trio (2004), see listing in Horn Trio Works)

Intermezzo-Variations (Op. 356) (2002) (3.75 min)
for Anthony, on February 24, 2002

Inverse Proportion (Op. 525) (2003) (2.5 min)
for Bill Adams
Baritone and Piano
Text by Han Yong'an (translated by Sammy Solberg)

Jackson Flourish (Op. 199) (2000) (0.5 min)
Bugle and Organ
Commissioned by the American Guild of Organists for the 2001 Regional Convention, Jackson, Mississippi

Judy Arnold her Jubilee (Op. 174) (1999) (4.5 min)
for Judy Arnold and twenty-five years of managing Max

Lullaby for A.R.L. (Op. 575) (2004) (1.25 min)
for Adam Reinhardt Lee on his birth, July 2004 (and for Gary and Deborah)
One Treble and One Bass Instrument (or Piano)

Lullaby for Morgan and Alyssa (Op. 202) (2000) (1 min)
for Diane Broberg

Mutations (Op. 133) (1999) (2.5 min)
for Colby
Trumpet and Piano

A New Vision (Op. 818) (2009) (2 min)
for Holland Jancaitis, in memory of James Wallace Jancaitis

November Song (Op. 594) (2004) (1 min)
for Brad and Amy, with heartiest congratulations, November 28, 2004
(incorporated into Winter Sonatina (2007), see listing in Piano Works)

Orange Infinities (Op. 693) (2006) (0.5 min)
for Colby

Processional Intrada (Op. 114) (1999) (3 min)
for the Allendale Columbia School Graduation Ceremonies

Rain-trail (Op. 248) (2001) (2 min)
for David Cope on his 60th birthday

Reflection (Op. 623) (2005) (1.5 min)
Commissioned by Alice E. Irvin for Fred H. Irons on his 72nd birthday in memory of their sister Nancy
Trumpet and Piano
Commissioned by Alice E. Irvin

Responsory (Op. 487) (2003) (3 min)
for Matthew Burt, Good Friday 2003
Flute and Crotales

A Roodsong Variation (Op. 815) (2009) (2 min)
for Carl, on his retirement

A Short Invention (Op. 494) (2003) (1.25 min)
for Rick DuPuy, on his graduation, June 5, 2003

A Song for a New Morning (Op. 493) (2003) (1.25 min)
for Laney McClain, on her graduation, June 5, 2003

Snow Ritual (Op. 695) (2006) (2 min)
for Walter Simmons on his 60th birthday
(incorporated into Winter Sonatina (2007), see listing in Piano Works)

Three Pieces for the End of the Road (Op. 203) (2000) (5 min)
for Adam
Contrabass and Piano
  I. Symphonic Dances from "The Great Wilno"
  II. A Haiku
  III. The Final Showdown

Two Evening Songs (Op. 192) (2000) (2 min)
for Dwight Winenger
  I. Evensong
  II. Night Rumpus
Commissioned by the Living Music Foundation