carson cooman

Piano Trio and Quartet Works

Equinox Dances (Op. 195) (2000) (8 min)
for the Serafino Trio
Piano Trio
Commissioned by the Serafino Trio
Published by Lauren Keiser Music Publishing (Catalogue #X503020)

Quartet for Piano and Strings (A Sea Liturgy) (Op. 855) (16 min)
for the Arcturus Chamber Ensemble on its 10th anniversary
Piano Quartet
Commissioned by the Moscow Studio for New Music and the Arcturus Chamber Ensemble
Published by Musik Fabrik
Recorded on Cooman: A Trip to the Sky (CD Recording; MSR Classics; Catalogue #MS 1387)

Springburst (Op. 711) (2007) (2 min)
for Gwyneth Walker on her 60th birthday
Piano Trio
Commissioned for "Gwyneth Walker: A Celebration of the Music Makers"
Published by Musik Fabrik