carson cooman

Solo Harpsichord Works

Journeybook II (Op. 912) (2010-11) (5-20 min)
for Jeff
Harpsichord (a folio of musical material)
Commissioned by Big Ideas Cambridge
Published by Soundspells Productions

Prelude, Fughetta, and Allegro (Op. 1064) (2014) (6 min)
for Steven Sørli
  I. Prelude
  II. Fughetta
  III. Allegro
Published by Zimbel Press (Catalogue #80101353)

Ricercare piccola sopra un nome (Op. 845) (2009) (3 min)
for Peter Sykes
Published by Musik Fabrik

Ricercari (Op. 1014) (2013) (8 min)
  I. a3 (for Kimberly Marshall)
  II. a2 (for James Woodman)
  III. a4 (for Peter Sykes)
Published by Zimbel Press (Catalogue #80101342)

Sonata for Harpsichord (Op. 604) (2004) (15 min)
for Julia
  I. Processional
  II. Arioso
  III. Scherzo
  IV. Muzette and Fanfare
  V. Fantasy
  VI. Pastorale
  VII. Ostinato Aria
  VIII. Dance
  IX. Spring Song
  X. Recessional
Published by Musik Fabrik

Three Renaissance Dances (Op. 1079) (2014) (6 min)
for Matthew McConnell
  I. Pavane
  II. Tordion
  III. Allemande
Published by Zimbel Press (Catalogue #80101365)

Toccata Brevis (Op. 702) (2006) (2.25 min)
for Arnold Rosner
Published by Musik Fabrik

Toccata sequenziale sopra "ut re mi fa" (Op. 1063) (2014) (5 min)
for Allan Winkler
Published by Zimbel Press (Catalogue #80101352)

Triptych for Harpsichord (Op. 101) (1999) (6 min)
for Ewa Gabrys
  I. Bazaar
  II. Corrupt
  III. Unusual
Commissioned by the Broeker Fund for New Music
Published by Lauren Keiser Music Publishing (Catalogue #X420002)

Unmeasured Preludes (Op. 697) (2006) (7 min)
for Jeffrey Grossman
  I. (Fantastico molto)
  II. (Lento espressivo)
  III. (Presto flessibile)
Published by Musik Fabrik