carson cooman

Trumpet (or Flugelhorn) and Cello (with Piano) Works (Duos and Trios)

Lyric Trio for Trumpet, Cello, and Piano (Op. 710) (2007) (19 min)
for Colby Cooman, Chris Gekker, and the Orenunn Trio
Trumpet, Cello, Piano
  I. Red Darkness
  II. The Thousand Candles
  III. Windswept
  IV. Whispering Wings
  V. Towards Light
  VI. Let Evening Come
Commissioned by The Commission Project
Published by Musik Fabrik
Recorded on Cooman: Nantucket Dreaming (CD Recording; Naxos Records; Catalogue #8.559655)

Un regard éloigné (Op. 786) (2008) (3 min)
pour Claude Lévi-Strauss en célébration de son centième anniversaire
Flugelhorn and Cello
Commissioned by Musik Fabrik in honor of Claude Lévi-Strauss’s 100th birthday
Published by Musik Fabrik